On July 15, 2023, a collaborative team guided by Professor Jinhui Wu and led by Yujia Zhuo, a junior student at Nanjing University’s Institute of Drug Discovery and Development has been recognized for their ground-breaking work in the 9th Oral Medicine Competition for College Students on Innovation Research & Experimental Design in Basic Medical Sciences, earning the Third Prize.

The group’s project, titled “Research on the Efficacy of Wound Healing Treatment by Spheroid Culture of Gingival and Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells,” involves the innovative application of a uniquely designed ultra-high throughput 3D cell culture chip. This groundbreaking technology is used to culture spheroids of gingival mesenchymal stem cells and meticulously verify their therapeutic effects on periodontitis. Not only does the chip allow for ultra-high throughput, standardized, and flexible-size spheroid cultures, but it also stands as the product of an intersection of various disciplines, including physics, material science, dental medicine, and biomedical engineering.

The 9th Basic Medical Innovation Forum is a crucial domestic academic exchange platform where experts and scholars from various institutions across the nation gather to discuss and share leading-edge technologies and research findings. The outstanding research outcomes and innovative thought processes demonstrated by Professor Jinhui Wu’s team at BiolMed Laboratory led to their selection and invitation to participate in this renowned event.

In the end, the collaborative team at Professor Jinhui Wu’s BiolMed Laboratory stood out among numerous outstanding projects and won the Third Prize at the forum. This accolade not only acknowledges the hard work and excellent achievements of the team, but it also underscores their leading position in the realm of interdisciplinary biomedical research and engineering.