On July 1, 2023, Tao Li, an undergraduate student at Nanjing University’s Institute of Drug Discovery and Development, led a group of team members to participate in the 9th Competition for undergraduate on Innovation Research & Experimental Design in Basic Medical Sciences and won the Award of Excellence.

The team’s project, “Enhancement of Adaptive Immunity by Intradermal Injection of Antigen-Loaded Robots,” aims to activate T- and B-cell-mediated adaptive immune responses more efficiently through the use of micro-biological robotics, which can move on its own and release the antigen it carries to the antigen-presenting cells when injected intradermally.

The 9th Basic Medical Innovation Forum is an important domestic academic exchange platform where experts and scholars from various schools in the east gather to discuss cutting-edge technologies and research results. Mr. Jinhui Wu’s laboratory was successfully selected and invited to participate in this event due to its outstanding research results and innovative thinking.

In the end, Pro. Jinhui Wu’s lab stood out among the many outstanding entries and won the Award of Excellence at the forum. This award not only recognizes the hard work and outstanding achievements of Mr. Jinhui Wu’s lab team, but also further demonstrates their leading position in the field of medical bioengineering medicine.